Fools Rush In… to NaNoWriMo… GO FOOLS!

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

– I have always held that line to my heart, through all my weary years – up to 52.9 (where I now stand).  I capture it here for you now because –  I’m seriously considering the upcoming NaNoWriMo.  Yes…nano-wrimo-logo

NaNoWriMo…    Years ago when I was writing songs (which I still do) I took up a similar challenge in the February Album Writing Month (FAWM).  It was a wonderful exercise, attempting to write 14 songs in 28 days.  As I recall, I did quite well at the beginning of the month, but then I let all manner of excuses derail me.  I won’t bore you with the details – all atrocities that came along to derail me.  As a kindred spirit of writing, you well know the fragility of motivation during a self-imposed state of constant uncertainty.  GAAAHH!!!

You may be pleased to know that, I failed  I did not write 14 songs…  BUT YET!  I also succeeded…

I ended up writing more songs in a shorter period of time than ever before.  I also ended up venturing down conceptual roads that I never would have continued pursuing had it not been for… Duh Duh DUUUUH!   THE LOOMING DEADLINE!!

So now I find myself lured; yes, sirens upon the wind doth call, and I am obliged to answer…  *cough, gag*  — anyway –

I find myself developing a short story concept which I started 1.5 years ago.  I abandoned it to the mists, assuming it was no good.  BUT- Now that I have resurrected it for possible use as fodder for NaNoWriMo, well…  let’s just say, my feet are back in the starting blocks!

As the Chairman Of The Board once sang – “If I can – Fail it here, I’ll fail it – Anywhere…!”  What?  That’s not how it goes??  Well – we’ll see soon my pretty, we’ll see   … AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!    ~TH~