JOURNAL- 10-9-2016

JOURNAL- 10-9-2016

    This weekend past, Laurie and I provided music for the wedding of some good friends youngest daughter, Hillary… and her now husband Steven.  It was a lot of fun, and we partied like teenagers, albeit not near as late into the night.

    Two days ago a homing pigeon ended up in our yard, pecking at the grasses near the milk house.  Laurie noticed that it was banded and after some online research, she discovered that if we could capture the bird and secure the numbers on the leg bands, we could alert the owners. So, with kitty crate baited with seed and a small net, I successfully captured the critter.  We have reached out to the appropriate club (Syracuse NY), and we’re hoping for a reply.  If no reply comes in within the next two days, I plan to drive the bird a little closer to NY and release her.  I ain’t takin’ her all the way to Syracuse!

    Now I’m enjoying a little down time outside in some beautiful fall weather.  I figure I should be outside every chance I get now, before things get really chilly.  Everyone out there in inter-web land have a great week!  I’ll post this as a ‘typecast’ because I did type it on my Alphasmart 3000.  ~TH~

My Typewriters; No Touchy!

Just read this interesting blog entry from Mark Adams of  He describes an internal memo that was circulated within the fledgling Apple offices.  In it, it was suggested that all typewriters within the offices be eliminated, replaced by the more efficient word processor machines and software that the company was producing.

Being enamored as I am with these glorious manual type machines, I can only paraphrase Chuck Heston and say “…From my cold, dead hands…”  —  HEY!  Keep yer mitts off my QWERTY’s!