The 1937 ROYAL model ‘O’

scan0209As usual, I wasn’t looking for a typewriter, it just kinda jumped into my lap.

More information on the Royal ‘O’ models can be found here.


For my lady and fellow typewriter enthusiasts.  Thanks to Joe VC for his recent explanation on why this aggravating skipping occurs.  ~TH~


typed on an Olivetti 25 which by the way, neither skips nor jumps.  ~TH~

An Early Gift – 1965 Brother DeLuxe

I don’t get out to the Salvation Army store very often, even though it’s only 20 minutes away.  Today I went in with low expectations for any typewriter sightings.  Shows what I know – I came away with two “new” typewriters.  Better yet, this one is a critter I’ve been wishing for, a Brother DeLuxe.  Serial number L5887827   ~TH~


1957 Underwood ACE Golden Touch

Sorry to say, nothing golden about the touch of this typewriter at the moment.


I purchased this critter in December 2015 but never got around to using it much due to some frustrating mechanical problems.  I didn’t pay a lot for it, so I’m willing to put it on the workbench soon and try to fix the niggles.


I have posted it on the Typewriter Database, in case you want to explore some more information about this series of typewriters.   ~TH~