Orbs Have Taken To The Skies

A truncated, self replicating poem that I created, based on a cocktail napkin that inspired a little bit of art.  You yourself should try a little bit of art.

orbs have taken to the skies

… orbs have taken to the skies and time has predicted itself to fly and …

My Life * A Series *

Engage, then disengage
This is my repeated policy,
enacted of it's own accord.

Engage, then disengage
You are important, we are no thing-
suddenly, no us.
Engage, then disengage
A salutary smile and then I'm gone-
and you are too.
Engage, then disengage
I'm selfish.  I'm greedy.
I want all of time to be mine.
* * *   * * *   * * *
This was written last summer during a period of 'office work'
outdoors. The fine weather of summer in Fairview PA often 
lures me out of the office, so I at least attempt to be 
productive, while actually wanting to roll in the grass and
look at the clouds. Don't worry, I'm still manly; I often do
pushups as well. Here is another missive written that same
day. ~TH~

My Tawny Cat

My tawny cat lies, alert and bathing in the summer grass.
Listens, stretches and rolls.
Then up and moving (slowly), hunting, with no real heart in it.
Savvy; not bright.
I would have trouble catching that bug too.

I wrote this on August 7, 2014. It was a beautiful summer day, so I moved my office outside so I could be quickly inspired by the beauty all around.  You can learn more about my tawny cat (Dexter) here.   ~TH~

My Zen Master

My Zen Master

Shoring Up The Sanity

Shoring Up The Sanity

Sunday’s built for shoring up the sanity, shoring up the sanity, shoring up the sanity.

Sunday’s built for shoring up the sanity  —  A-Way – Yo — Away!

(Lyrics should be sung to your favorite sea chanty)  — Monday, we’ll raise the anchor and sail on, HO!

Be sure to swing an arm that holds a tankard of your rum ration as you sing; otherwise, you’re doing it wrong.  Feel free to add verses and share them in the comments.