What’s YOUR Big Idea?

I have a sure-fire way to keep writer’s block at bay.  That said, I don’t consider writer’s block to be a real thing- I’ve always had ideas rushing at me.  As a result I have written some really crappy songs, poems and stories, but hey, at least I was writing.

I have a box that I call The Big Idea Box.  Into it goes all the little snippets of paper I create when a lyric or poem idea hits me.  I created it years ago.  It is a necessary repository- before that I just had scraps of paper lying around everywhere (sound familiar?).

I rarely have to dig into it but occasionally as a last resort I will grab a random slip or two of paper out of it.  Sometimes I can read the scrap and toss it in the trash with no regret, but often that scrap of paper results in a “Hey!  I have a great idea about how I can make this work!” feeling.  I never access the box unless I know I have at least one hour to dedicate to the process immediately.  I’ve always used it for song writing but it’s certainly useful for any type of fiction writing.

We all start things and never finish them.  Don’t let your big idea box be a catalyst for yet another unfinished story, poem or song.  Start writing those quick ideas down and clipping out those articles.  Shove ’em into your big idea box and don’t forget to dive in when you need a push.  ~TH~

What’s the point?

As my own life unfurls behind me I am getting more comfortable with the idea of doing things that may seem pointless.  Maybe they even are (like my addiction to Sudoku puzzles).  Hopefully my (and your) writing won’t be pointless.  Here’s a cool article on the subject.