The books and their billowy advice

slow burn

I’m reading (actually skimming) 2 books from the library on the subject of writing.  An awful lot of what I read pertains to finding inspiration, a bit of billowy advice IMHO.  I have to say that finding inspiration isn’t a real issue for me, at least I don’t believe it is.  No, right now I’m struggling mostly with the process.  Trying not to edit as I go; trying to remember anything from the english classes I dozed through; trying not to compare my writing to others.  Even now I’m stopping and rereading to edit this entry.  “Stop it!” my mind shouts, but my fingers ruefully ignore that command as my eyes shamefully rise up to peer at the previous paragraph.

It is habit I know, habit that can be changed, habit that will change.  I have been a songwriter for a number of years, so I do understand some of the process.  My first songs were not very good.  Some of the new ones aren’t all that great either, but I have learned (through practice) to follow through and complete those songs; and then (equally important) let them be what they are.  Who am I (or you for that matter) to make lofty decisions on what’s “good” or what’s “bad”?  The true desire I think is to tell a good story, then have an audience for it at some point.  An audience who gives a little thought back to the story, something they relate to.  It’s the way we measure success.  Which ironically flies in the face of what creating is all about.  You’ve heard it before, “Let yourself go… free your mind”.

Yeah, right.  As Spongebob Squarepants most eloquently stated to Plankton on the subject of ruling the world; “Good luck with that.”  ~TH~

‘Leave Your Sleep’

I’m sitting through my first listening of ‘Leave Your Sleep‘, a 2010 CD by Natalie Merchant.  It was an impulse choice at the library today.  I say first listening because I’m confident there will be other listening sessions.  I happily discovered that she took all the lyric material from poetry.

Now that I’m attempting to improve my own writing AND taking an interest in setting poems to music- this fell right into my lap.

776  I read some of the reviews of this collection online and I must say some folks just didn’t give it a fair shake (IMHO).  It is the arrangements and production that give this collection it’s juice.  I’m not a fan of EVERY tune, but wow, what a solid collection.  It’s obvious to me that this suite took a lot of time to codify.  As a songwriter, and a writer in general I’m finding serious inspiration here for my own work. Well done NM.

Excellent article on re-writing

Here’s an excellent article on the writing process.  This article points to novel writing, but the information here is easily applied to song writing, short stories, poetry… any kind of writing.  If you’re a writer read this.  ~TH~