Jackson isn’t the only ‘victim’ here

I’m working on my first short story.  Ever.  I’m enjoying the process immensely, but the learning curve is somewhat steep.  I have the outline prepared, and the start of the book is well begun.  motorcycle_blogpic

I’m now into the deepest research for the book, thinking about regions in the U.S. where Jackson (the main character) may have come from.  Also thinking about the timeline, the era in which Jackson grew up.  I’m excited to bring him to life for you, more details soon.  ~TH~

‘Leave Your Sleep’

I’m sitting through my first listening of ‘Leave Your Sleep‘, a 2010 CD by Natalie Merchant.  It was an impulse choice at the library today.  I say first listening because I’m confident there will be other listening sessions.  I happily discovered that she took all the lyric material from poetry.

Now that I’m attempting to improve my own writing AND taking an interest in setting poems to music- this fell right into my lap.

776  I read some of the reviews of this collection online and I must say some folks just didn’t give it a fair shake (IMHO).  It is the arrangements and production that give this collection it’s juice.  I’m not a fan of EVERY tune, but wow, what a solid collection.  It’s obvious to me that this suite took a lot of time to codify.  As a songwriter, and a writer in general I’m finding serious inspiration here for my own work. Well done NM.