My Typewriters; No Touchy!

Just read this interesting blog entry from Mark Adams of  He describes an internal memo that was circulated within the fledgling Apple offices.  In it, it was suggested that all typewriters within the offices be eliminated, replaced by the more efficient word processor machines and software that the company was producing.

Being enamored as I am with these glorious manual type machines, I can only paraphrase Chuck Heston and say “…From my cold, dead hands…”  —  HEY!  Keep yer mitts off my QWERTY’s!


Call Me Crazy But…

OK, call me crazy, but… I’m relearning my typing skills.  The last typing lesson I had was back in high school in the latter part of the 19th century, around 1889 I believe.  Yep, home position, here I come.  To celebrate, I treated myself to a “new” typewriter.

My ROYAL Mercury typewriter

My ROYAL Mercury typewriter

Got this beauty on Ebay, a Royal Mercury from the mid 60’s.  I changed the ribbon and it works like a dream.  I missed the old ‘clack clack’ sounds, announcing to the world that yes, I’m actually writing.

I’m very pleased that folks still use paper.  I really don’t want to start making my own paper…

Here’s a very cool website where you can see some old typewriters – and some not-so-old too.  Enjoy.  ~TH~