Future Paper To Contemplate Now

Here we have a remarkable concept by Katie Paterson of Oslo, Norway.  She has planted trees that will be used exclusively for writing within the next 100 years.  Yes, paper will be made from the trees, and authors will be invited to add their creativity to pages made singularly for that creativity.  The authors are being selected now (and beyond now), then their words will be printed and presented upon the pages made from the trees that are currently saplings.

seedling_norway_saplingIf you are a writer you simply must watch this video concerning TIME, HUMAN CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION.  Shoot for the stars… or in this case, the forest.  Margaret Atwood has already been selected.  She says of the project “What a pleasure for a writer to write something, and not have to be around for the reviews.”.  (See additional links below)

Will you be next?

This is from the Long Now Blog – I highly recommend it for getting out of your egotistical way of envisioning your world; to begin to understand your role within the universe as the speck that you are, a speck with an amazing mind.  Your comments here welcome.   ~TH~