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My Second Lettera 25

This is my second Lettera 25 by Olivetti.  I didn’t really need another Lettera 25, but it was $26 total, and I felt that was fair for this machine in this condition.  I’m guessing that as I spread the word around locally that I’m a typewriter enthusiast I’ll stumble into better deals.  In the meantime, online auctions will have to do.  ~TH~

Olivetti Lettera 25 - 6016142

Olivetti Lettera 25 – 6016142

Typing, thirty seconds after I unboxed it.

Typing, thirty seconds after I unboxed it.

After a little cleaning, and a minor repair… DING!

After a little cleaning, and a minor repair… DING!

photo 3

The short but effective, foldable carriage lever.

photo 1

Underwood 18

I just received the next typewriter for the collection, an Underwood 18.  I typed samples as I worked on it to bring it back to life.  If I’m reading the correctly, this little critter is from 1965 (serial number 585000 025).

Underwood 18 - first glance

Underwood 18 – first glance


Some of the features on this typer are unusual, at least compared to any of the other machines I own.  Here we see the ribbon color selector.  It resides to the right of the vibrator, with the ribbon itself going over the selector plate.  To change the color you press down, then slide the button to the new position.  Slick!

ribbon color selector

ribbon color selector

I really like the backspace key – it’s an arrow, right out of the quiver of Legolas!  Note the fraction key with the 3/4 and the exclamation point on the lower case position.  I have never seen an exclamation point in the lower case position.

underwood 18-backspace

the cleaning continues...

the cleaning continues…

The keys appear to be closer together than other small portables that I own.  OR – maybe I jest feel like my hands are too big when I type on it.  I like the key shapes very much, and they are all in great condition.

Concave black hearts

Concave black hearts

backplate -- Ah, Italy!

backplate — Ah, Italy!


I hastily replaced the ribbon with a new (but plastic) reel set.  Soon I will re-spool some new ribbon onto these appropriate metal wagon wheels, so that when I remove the basket cover everything will look fabulous!

underwood 18-ribbon

As you can see from the initial typing sample, the ribbon appears to be blue/red.  If you know where I might find a new blue/red ribbon please let me know.  As I said in my last typing sample, this gal’s a winner!  ~TH~