The Commodity Of Dysfunction

My god, we are a gossipy lot aren’t we?  When we get together, really, we just can hardly wait to start tearing our fangs into someone we mutually know.  Recently I’ve been thinking about evolution, along with how our brain has developed over the centuries.  So – what’s with this knee-jerk backbiting that takes over?

How on earth does tearing someone down while they’re out of earshot possibly benefit and prolong our species’ existence?  The media now makes it laughably simple to do, hell, there are thousands of folks waiting in the wings, just dying to mesmerize us with their inability to be considered normal.  Granted we’re paying for the privilege.  So I guess my real question is – is this a healthy way to think?

I really don’t want to go into the woods with like minded people and start a commune, away from all this wonderful technology, away from all of this immediate information.  I know when I do, we’ll just end up in the same old cliques that develop every time.  It’s obviously human nature to do this.  My question again is- how does this serve us?

This is the part where you go off with your friends and whisper together about what a moron I am.  ~TH~