Archy and Don Marquis

On the tail of yesterday’s entry, I continued to dig deeper into the lives of Archy, Mehitabel, and Don Marquis.  I downloaded a book of poetry written by D.M. –  for free!  The poetry is quite good, especially when you keep in mind the era from which it was written.


Here for your enjoyment is Sam Waterston reading a delightful poem by Don Marquis, regarding an assignment that Archy (the typing cockroach) was covering.  ~TH~

Archy, Mehitabel, and Me

Our beautiful Blasco Library in Erie PA (featured in this months The Atlantic magazine) will be hosting an event tomorrow night, a one-man show by Gale McNeeley presenting poems, songs and essays of Don Marquis, the creator of the characters Archy & Mehitabel.


Don Marquis wrote for the The Evening Sun newspaper and created the character of Archy in 1916.  Archy is a cockroach who types by jumping from one key to the next.









This era fascinates me because so many new technologies were being introduced to more and more homes and businesses.  Automobiles, telephones, phonographs, electricity, and of course – the typewriter.  These ideas seem quaint to us now, but one hundred years ago these were awe inspiring technologies.


If you live in (or near) Erie PA, I hope you’ll plan to attend this free event.  I know I’ll be there!  ~TH~

ROYAL Citadel, part 2

Back in December 2015 I promised an update on this little guy.  Don’t wanna rush these things.196x-royal-citadel-ct5602339_1

Here we have the ROYAL Citadel from the 1960’s.  Haven’t been able to pin down a specific manufacture year – serial number CT5602339.  I did find information that puts it as produced before 1967.  [Now confirmed from a knowledgeable typospherian as a 1963 critter]  

As you can see, I have loaded it with a pink ribbon.  The ribbon reverse is a little wonky, but it’s in fine condition and I do enjoy typing on it for short missives.  The platen is slick so I find it necessary to load it with an extra page for grip.



I really like the two tone action on the paint job.  This model from Holland was also released under the name Dart, Lark, and Scholastic (under the Singer moniker).  A fun, light portable.  ~TH~