A Typecast For Letter Writing

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Orbs Have Taken To The Skies

A truncated, self replicating poem that I created, based on a cocktail napkin that inspired a little bit of art.  You yourself should try a little bit of art.

orbs have taken to the skies

… orbs have taken to the skies and time has predicted itself to fly and …

Orchid In The Forest

A spontaneous poem, inspired by the illustration from the NYT Book Review cover of March 15, 2015.  Thanks to illustrator Ryan Heshka


Orchid In The Forest

Orchid In The Forest


An Orchid in the forest, shoots forth.
All things, all things will grow as they should.

And so the time, the time becomes the thing.
The measure of all that we might know to
what we might become.

Emblem and symbol always pale
when compared to the lotus fully formed.
Every warlord passed has dropped to knee
when survival brings them to
a fresh bloom of life.    ~TH~

Typed directly onto the newsprint on a 1958 Royal Aristocrat typewriter.

Five Penny Bobcats

This is a spontaneous poem inspired by five penny bobcat stamps, neatly strewn across a return envelope, pasted there as additional postage.  I had no intention of returning the envelope, nor attempting to steam a nickel off for my own miserly gain.  Still, I hated to see them go to waste, these Five Penny Bobcats, neatly rowed and awaiting their destination; so I typed them a postage related, spontaneous poem.  ~TH~


Five Penny Bobcats

Five Penny Bobcats


Note – I have put together some notecard sets with this poem.  Click here if you’d like to see what they look like.  ~T~