That’s My Story

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” You’ve heard that one before, right? I have said this many times, thinking how clever and cute it was.  It tacitly smacks of deception though.   Lying to yourself.

Now I have been prompted to turn that idea on it’s head, thanks to this blog article.  That’s my story and I’m not sticking to it.  Because it deceives my true nature.

In fact, now that I practice meditation, I have been turning many misguided ideas on their heads. In so many ways I have been living in an upside-down world.

I hope the article helps you deepen your own meditation practice.  ~TH~

2 thoughts on “That’s My Story

  1. I like to get alone where it is quiet and just think. Is it meditation? I don’t know. Like the person in the linked article though there are times when I seek quiet. Peaceful quiet; absolute silence. Except for maybe the birds chirping or the wind rusting the leaves, quiet. I do that mostly in the woods, but on occasion there is NOISE. Mostly a passing car or overhead aircraft (seems even in the heights of the Rockies I cannot escape the sound of an aircraft). In any case I try to enjoy the noise. Think about its being. What is nice about it. Can it be relaxing like a humming in the distance. Beats getting upset because I want silence and someone else is just going about their business.

    • I just took a meditation newbie on a meditation walk. She mentioned the car and plane distractions as well. I simply send out a metta, wishing compassion for the drivers, pilots and passengers. That helps me avoid observing them as distractions. Thanks for reading.

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