A Continuum Of Appreciation

Recently viewed the film CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER.  Got me thinking about the various types of collectors out there, and what motivates individuals.

typecast on my 1979 Olympia SG3 – pdf file at bottom of post

typewriter continuum

PDF of page – typewriter continuum

4 thoughts on “A Continuum Of Appreciation

  1. I really like the mechanics and sounds of using a typewriter and seeing my final work right there in front of me. Using a typewriter and working on those that need a repair are what I enjoy. I did enjoy California Typewriter, but way too much time was spent on the artist making things from them. At least he claimed to use broken machines and he does make parts available to keep other typewriters going.

    • I thought it was interesting to hear the thoughts of those who regularly use a typewriter. The musicians that compose using only typewriters? Not my cup of tea. It sounds cool for 30 seconds. I can not imagine listening to that racket for a 45 minute program though! Thanks for the comments- ~TH~

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