A Minimum Of Quality

Let me start by saying; I understand the adage, “You get what you pay for”.   I found this difficult to believe yesterday, when I began to research the purchase of a new attache style briefcase.  Searching on the interwebs, I sought a decent case that wouldn’t break the bank.  I was disappointed to discover that even as I climbed up into the “premium” cases, the reviews were less than stellar.

This may be in part because the attache style has given way to the leather shoulder bag, messenger style.  Those are fine, I have several.  What I need at the moment though, is more like a portable office, with most of what I need already in place when I open my case.  Assuming I keep the thing organized, I should be able to open it flat and begin working.  With a top loading case, I’m always pulling stuff out, digging around, then stuffing all my stuff back in- rarely in an organized fashion.

Many of the reviews for attache style cases focused on if it was “real leather”, or how impressive the case looked.  I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about those things.  I just don’t want the thing coming apart on me; which apparently, many of them do.  Crappy glued construction, and crappy stitching.

I know that my father’s old briefcase is tucked away somewhere in this house.  If I ever find it, I’ll post a review of that critter.  Now that was how you put together an attache case.  *End Rant*


6 thoughts on “A Minimum Of Quality

  1. Unfortunately the phrase ‘Beauty is only skin deep’, seems to apply to most things manufactured nowadays, with craftsmanship being a thing of the past!

  2. Ah yes, “premium” usually refers to the price, not the quality. I was fortunate today to score a near mint American Tourister attache style briefcase for $10. Very retro, very cool, a perfect companion for my Sears Attache Chieftain (SC Skyriter) of the same style.

  3. I ran into the same thing before I moved. I wanted a sturdy functional briefcase to replace the Platt I’ve been carrying for over 30 years. The carrying handle finally gave way. Then after my search I figured I could not expect to find any good ones because they are all made in China. Cheap construction, fake leather, and none look like they’d last more than a month. I found an old Samsonite in a thrift store. Must be 50 years old, made in USA and it will probably last another 50.

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