Pelikan, Brief(ly)

I just received some new (old) carbon paper sheets by Pelikan.  Yes, I type. Yes, I use carbon paper for my own copies.


I like the photo on the box- so hip!  Did not realize that the Pelikan company was still around.  It began in Germany- now located in Switzerland.  More renowned  for their fountain pens, though they do still make carbon paper.  Just not printed in this style.

Here is a cool page on their website about the history of the company, with graphics.


The plastic protection cover inside the box shows the logo, and it is marked Germany.


Here’s the backing for a sheet.  I like the diamond pattern, and the small typewriter logo that is intermittently shown on the sheets.

Only one more mystery; can anyone identify the typewriter model that the young woman is posing with?  Hmmmm….  ~TH~



7 thoughts on “Pelikan, Brief(ly)

  1. I love the Pelikan logo. Cool fact – I read somewhere that the number of chicks in the boat corresponds to the number of children in the owner’s family.

  2. The knobs look like those on my Facet but the body is a bit different.

    That logo of the pelican spewing ink out of its mouth is a bit strange. Reminds me of a US Navy fighter squadron, the Pukin’ Dogs.

    Fun stuff, I should look for new Pelikan carbon paper.

  3. I’m not an expert on german typewriters, but the only typewriter I know that has that T handle advance is Olympia. While not all SG3 models had it, and some of the handles are different colors, I’m still going to say “Olympia SG-3, mid 70s”

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