New lenses for the phone

Well, we certainly do live in an amazing time.  I just received delivery on some clip-on lenses for my Samsung Galaxy 6.  These lenses are universal, they should work with just about any smart phone.


The box comes with two identical size clips (the one on the right is tipped forward so it only appears larger).  The lenses clip into the clips easily, and the lens caps slip on easily but securely.


The smallest lens is a macro lens- you can really get up close- though you do need to be able to get the phone all the way up onto the subject.


Here you can see the crinkle finish on my 1951 Underwood Rhythm Touch typewriter.  Wow!


The wide 10x macro attachment lens allowed me to shoot close up without having to have the phone right up against the subject.  Here you can see the slugs on my 1975 Smith-Corona Electra (cursive typeface).  Wow!


The largest lens is a full screen fish eye lens that does distort a little, but it really covers a scene.  From this vantage in my messy studio, I would only get 2 guitars in the image.  Here I have the entire wall plus a ton of foreground.

Amazing?  It gets even better.  9 bucks at Amazon.

I am very pleased.