Happy New Year!

That’s all I got.  For the moment.


1934 ROYAL portable


ROYAL portable from 1934    SN A378890



12-29-16 – Hmmm… this should be an ‘O’ – with an ‘O’ prefix on the serial number.  Here’s a photo of the serial number; looks more like a ‘A’ to me…   confusion.


An Early Gift – 1965 Brother DeLuxe

I don’t get out to the Salvation Army store very often, even though it’s only 20 minutes away.  Today I went in with low expectations for any typewriter sightings.  Shows what I know – I came away with two “new” typewriters.  Better yet, this one is a critter I’ve been wishing for, a Brother DeLuxe.  Serial number L5887827   ~TH~


Is Plenty Enough?

While reviewing some hard copy of past writings, I ran across this essay I wrote two years ago. It seems an appropriate time now for us to reconsider our personal concept of “plenty”. Enjoy. ~TH~

Wrong Way, Write Way

money_bagHumans are strange creatures.  We seem compelled to learn and relearn, but then we ignore what’s in our own best interest.  Consider the concept that “If I just had ‘X‘, then my life would be perfect.”  This is where life experiences (and a bit of hard knocks during those experiences) become beneficial.

I was thinking recently about large-sum lottery winners who end up in fragile financial and psychological trouble soon after they gain their windfall.  This always seems contradictory to folks like me, who grew up playing the “What would you do if you had a million dollars?” game.  The most respected and evenly balanced millionaires we know of will tell you that the only appropriate answer is, “Start making the next million.”

That may not sound sexy.  It may even sound crass at first blush, but it certainly gets to the heart of the dangers inherent in becoming too wealthy too quickly.  I…

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