Journal- 10-11-2016

So… when you find a banded racing pigeon, you’re supposed to feed and water it, then drive it a long distance from where you found it, so that it can return home.  Did that.  Too well.  It now appears that this racing (homing) pigeon has pegged us as… home.


here is Francine

We traced her to a Syracuse organization, but we have been unsuccessful in getting a reply from the owner.  Laurie had a very helpful conversation with a veteran pigeon racer who advised that we drive the bird at least 12 miles away and release her- the thought being that she would pick up the route from the race and return home.  Well… I guess we fed her too well.

I drove her 25 miles away from our house this morning and released her; it was great fun watching her spiral upward, getting her bearings.  Being very pleased with myself, I treated myself to a lunch at a favorite spot in the area.  I pulled the cage out of the van upon my return home and set it in the driveway.  I went into the house briefly, and when I came back outside, there she was, happy to see her cage – Francine.

I have learned more about raising, nurturing and racing pigeons in the last 48 hours than I ever knew I wanted to know.  She’s pretty savvy, like a charming cousin that you just can’t say no to when they’ve overstayed their welcome.

I guess we have a homing pigeon now.  ~TH~

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