ROYAL Citadel, part 2

Back in December 2015 I promised an update on this little guy.  Don’t wanna rush these things.196x-royal-citadel-ct5602339_1

Here we have the ROYAL Citadel from the 1960’s.  Haven’t been able to pin down a specific manufacture year – serial number CT5602339.  I did find information that puts it as produced before 1967.  [Now confirmed from a knowledgeable typospherian as a 1963 critter]  

As you can see, I have loaded it with a pink ribbon.  The ribbon reverse is a little wonky, but it’s in fine condition and I do enjoy typing on it for short missives.  The platen is slick so I find it necessary to load it with an extra page for grip.



I really like the two tone action on the paint job.  This model from Holland was also released under the name Dart, Lark, and Scholastic (under the Singer moniker).  A fun, light portable.  ~TH~

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