The AlphaSmart 3000 Gambit

I’ll admit it- I do find computers exceedingly distracting, one of the many reasons I enjoy typing on a typewriter.  After attempting to write longer stories on the typewriter, then scanning them – well, it was just not working out for me.  Hence I have taken the dive into older digital technology- namely the AlphaSmart 3000.


Someone labeled this one SUPER!

I enjoyed researching the backstory of this critter.  Since you can still get them cheap on Ebay, I took the plunge.  This one even has a ‘Super’ sticker on it, from its time as a classroom unit.

I have used it for about two weeks now for poetry and for short story writing.  It’s definitely distraction free.  If you want to know more about this “sort of” typewriter, follow some of the links.

Any other writers or typists out there still using one?  Let me know!  ~TH~

8 thoughts on “The AlphaSmart 3000 Gambit

  1. I picked up an Alphasmart Neo a while back on eBay. It is a very capable unit. I enjoy plugging it into the computer, pulling up a blank document, and squirting all the text over.

    • Yes! I enjoy having the text scroll out in “real time”. I ended up getting the 3000 because of the battery life, which I read was better than the Neo or the Dana. I also like having a piece of technology history that still does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Thanks for writing in- ~T~

  2. I dunno, the battery life on Neos is pretty insane. I have 3 of them now (couldn’t resist the $3 Neo2 at Desert Thrift yesterday) and even the ones I put batteries in 6 or 8 months ago are still going strong. They’re pretty awesome little digitypers. (:

    • oh, it’s the Danas that have bad battery life. I have 2 of those and they don’t get used anymore because I have to change the batteries every week. It’s that dang Palm OS they run.

  3. I got a Neo2 recently, inspired by the stories about the Freewrite (costs $480 more, includes no delete button or arrow keys). I like it and I think I’ll be using it for certain projects.

    • I grab the AlphaSmart 3000 when I want to get ideas down quickly, but I haven’t used it for any long projects- since I now own a few of them- I suppose I could dedicate one to a single project.

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