The (almost) $1 Olympia Traveller

I met up with a good friend today for lunch.  He is always kind enough to keep me in mind when he’s out at yard sales and such, knowing that I collect typewriters.  He recently sent me a text message asking if he should buy this Olympia Traveller DeLuxe for one dollar.  I said HECK YEAH!

Olympia Traveller Deluxe photo

The 1977 Olympia Traveller DeLuxe SN 5-3260264

Brought it home after lunch.  Re-threaded the ribbon correctly (folks notoriously thread the ribbon into the vibrator incorrectly).  Rolled in some paper – perfect!  A small amount of cleaning and she’ll be ready for the party!

It did cost me slightly more than a dollar, I picked up the tab for lunch.  HA!  Still a screaming deal!  Thanks Bryan.   ~TH~


Physical Therapy for the SM9

My three dollar honey has arthritis!

After some investigation as to why the keys and typebars were frozen in place, I discovered that there was a great deal of sticky, oozy goo all over the typebar rest.  I’m guessing it is adhesive for the typebar rest that became very warm in storage and began to drip.  Downward.  Onto that segment area wherein the keys are supposed to enact the typebars. Apologies if I’m using the incorrect nomenclature for some of the parts – fellow insurgents, feel free to correct me!

I now find myself administering some gentle physical therapy to my poor 52 year old SM9’s typebars. “A little degreaser, now lift, now drop, now lift…”.

Aside from that, all other aspects of the machine are sound.  Looking forward to a full recovery for this contemporary of mine!  ~TH~

SM9 physical therapy

The 1964 SM9 in physical therapy.