The Cherished Wallet Card

When I was a kid, my prized possession in my wallet was my library card.  I used to borrow LPs from the library as well as books. My library was in McMurray PA, though I no longer have my original card from there.  Perhaps I’ll get one there again, though it won’t have the nifty, punched metal cuff attached; remember those?


My current library card, with the smiley faces covering the bar code – high level security

When I tweened out, my most cherished card was my drivers license.  Wow, that was great! The stories I could tell… and will!  Bombing around in a Ford Torino with my buddies.  Magnificent.

Once I entered adulthood, my most cherished wallet card was my credit card. I never overstepped on that card.  Subsequent cards, well, that’s another story.

Now that I’m at the halfway point of my entirety (speaking optimistically), my favorite card in the wallet is… my library card.  I highly recommend you get one and use it regularly.  It still kicks open doors of intellect and imagination better than any show I’ve binge watched.    ~TH~


2 thoughts on “The Cherished Wallet Card

  1. Your post brought me back many years to the library card of my childhood: manila with an embossed metal tag. I haven’t thought of it in years, but it was an important item for me growing up. Thank you for stirring the memories.

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