My final post of 2015

So, let’s talk about clutter.  And let’s cut to the chase.

Laurie and I have spent the past four months engaged with the stuff, nay, engaged to the stuff.  I thought it would be appropriate to give you a bit of  unsolicited new years advice.  Short and sweet.  Right from a fledgling experts mouth.  Ready?

Your new mantra regarding clutter in 2016 is this: SPACE IS THE COMMODITY.  Emptying out a junk drawer?  When you’re tossing stuff in the garbage, think of the drawer that you’re recovering.  That’s useful space.  Got a desk you never use anymore?  Get rid of it- right away.  Give it away.  Burn it.  Whatever.  Envision the beautiful SPACE that it will provide.

Trust me.  You really want to recover your elbow room, and then some.

Enjoy 2016.  That’s an order.  Cheers.  ~TH~

2 thoughts on “My final post of 2015

    • me too! as soon as I empty it i seem to find something to fill it. Boyle’s law… I’ve been watching episodes of Hoarders to try and motivate me. Why is it so much easier to throw out my husband’s stuff? 😀

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