SC Coronet Super 12

Here we have the Smith-Corona Super 12 Electric, serial number 6LEF 518359G.  Rescued from my late mother-in-law’s home.  It was packed away decades ago, filthy.  I spent the past hour cleaning gunk out of it, and letting the “engine” run.

2015-12-08 09.01.52

Original purchase receipt shows that this critter was purchased new at Dahlkemper’s Department Store on October 31, 1981.  My wife tells me that this department store was actually a showroom.  You carried a clipboard with you and wrote down the items you wanted, then placed the clipboard on a conveyer belt that carried it to the back room for item retrieval.  Out would come your items on another conveyer to be rung up.  I’ll bet that kept five-finger discounts to a minimum!


Oops – purchased in 1981.

Nice, crisp type.  I had to clean it up a bit, and it took a while for all the keys to snap back to life, but I got her back on the road!

Here is all the associated ephemera.


The original sales receipt, October 1981.  Paid $225, but it should have been $222.  Looks like the clerk was skimming.



Good first impression; I’m impressed.


Five LPs for ten typing lessons.  Oh no, now I have to find a record player!






This white correct-o gunk was all over the insides, turning into glue. Yuck!




5 thoughts on “SC Coronet Super 12

  1. Ooh, have you tried ordering new keycaps? Perhaps they’ll honor the order form, decades later?!!

    It’s interesting to see described a cloth cartridge ribbon, along with the plastic film type; I wonder what other electrics offered that option?

    We had a similar store in Albuquerque, Service Merchandise, which I believe to have been a chain. Same layout, a showroom, back stockroom and conveyor belt. I bought a number of items from there, some I still have.

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