My final post of 2015

So, let’s talk about clutter.  And let’s cut to the chase.

Laurie and I have spent the past four months engaged with the stuff, nay, engaged to the stuff.  I thought it would be appropriate to give you a bit of  unsolicited new years advice.  Short and sweet.  Right from a fledgling experts mouth.  Ready?

Your new mantra regarding clutter in 2016 is this: SPACE IS THE COMMODITY.  Emptying out a junk drawer?  When you’re tossing stuff in the garbage, think of the drawer that you’re recovering.  That’s useful space.  Got a desk you never use anymore?  Get rid of it- right away.  Give it away.  Burn it.  Whatever.  Envision the beautiful SPACE that it will provide.

Trust me.  You really want to recover your elbow room, and then some.

Enjoy 2016.  That’s an order.  Cheers.  ~TH~


Royal Citadel, part 1

2015-12-28 08.26.34_resized

A new typewriter for the collection, a Royal Citadel made in Holland.  Ebay purchase, serial number 5602339, mid 1960s.  A more detailed post is coming soon.  ~TH~

SC Coronamatic Super 12

I just received replacement carts for inking up pages with the Smith-Corona Coronamatic Super 12.  Yep, in the 70s and 80s, everything ended with ‘matic’ – much like now, everything starts with ‘i’.


Having cleaned it up a bit and getting the engine revved up after decades of neglect, I gotta say; not too shabby.





Two-tone brown, how positively MOR.  Note the prominent POWER RETURN.  Be prepared to catch the machine as it flies across the table!

Typography, Accidentally

I just picked this book up from a local used book shop – Type And Typography by Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam.  Now that I collect typewriters, I’ve accidentally gained an interest in the kooky world of typography/written language.


The information and photos are great, though I doubt I’ll be setting my own type anytime soon.

2015-12-10 14.12.30_resized

A monotype machine.  And you thought typing was tricky!


Ah, a small bit on typing, with a nice Olivetti Lettera 22 postcard.


SC Coronet Super 12

Here we have the Smith-Corona Super 12 Electric, serial number 6LEF 518359G.  Rescued from my late mother-in-law’s home.  It was packed away decades ago, filthy.  I spent the past hour cleaning gunk out of it, and letting the “engine” run.

2015-12-08 09.01.52

Original purchase receipt shows that this critter was purchased new at Dahlkemper’s Department Store on October 31, 1981.  My wife tells me that this department store was actually a showroom.  You carried a clipboard with you and wrote down the items you wanted, then placed the clipboard on a conveyer belt that carried it to the back room for item retrieval.  Out would come your items on another conveyer to be rung up.  I’ll bet that kept five-finger discounts to a minimum!


Oops – purchased in 1981.

Nice, crisp type.  I had to clean it up a bit, and it took a while for all the keys to snap back to life, but I got her back on the road!

Here is all the associated ephemera.


The original sales receipt, October 1981.  Paid $225, but it should have been $222.  Looks like the clerk was skimming.



Good first impression; I’m impressed.


Five LPs for ten typing lessons.  Oh no, now I have to find a record player!






This white correct-o gunk was all over the insides, turning into glue. Yuck!