1947 Underwood (Remington) Noiseless

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I started my search with ‘Underwood’, but this period in typewriter history is generally an exercise in cut-throat incest when it comes to patents.  And we thought Tesla had it tough!


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My research online was fruitless for a time, but the name ‘Remington’ kept popping up, so I went down that gray alley.  Huzzah!  Machines Of Loving Grace came through with great aplomb!


Ah-HA! THIS is the same critter, only mine says Underwood.

“The second-to-last incarnation of the Noiseless was produced virtually unchanged for almost two decades. This is one of the heaviest, most solid machines I own. It’s built like a tank, kind of looks like one, and at the keyboard you kind of feel like you’re operating one. This is a serious workhorse.

As with the Noiseless No.6, the dial on the front adjusts the carriage very slightly forwards and backwards to accomodate multiple sheets of paper. This is often mistaken for a touch control. When using only one or two sheets of paper, the dial should be in the far left position or just before it; otherwise, the typebars may fail to strike the paper and the user may mistakenly think that something’s wrong with the typewriter.”

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Yep, the shop manager mentioned that she couldn’t budge on the portable price, but she could wiggle on this machine.  We wiggled.  I feel good about the deal.  And this beauty is now in safe hands.    More pix below.  ~TH~

20151027_103653 20151027_103658 20151027_133631 20151027_133713 20151027_133725 20151027_133747 20151027_133805 20151027_133819

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