Smith-Corona Courier C/T


I like the fact that companies decided to dazzle us with pretty colors, even while they were producing lighter machines that were not as robust. For all the naysaying I sometimes here, this machine should type very well into the 21st century, provided that it’s well cared for.
INTERESTING: Note that there is a Tab key, but no Tab Set or Tab Release features. This is the first machine I have run across that has fixed Tab settings. Each Tab is set at the ‘tens’, which correspond to the markings on the paper bail. Ingenious! Also note the “Correction” setting. Folks, any typewriter that can accommodate a black/red ribbon can accommodate a black/correction ribbon. Note that I went with all black – don’t use those correction ribbons, unless you simply adore cleaning your machine after every single use. The white flakes and gums up the works. ~TH~

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3 thoughts on “Smith-Corona Courier C/T

  1. These machines are good. There, I said it. I buy ’em when they’re cheap anytime I see ’em. 😀
    1) they’re plentiful and not historically significant enough to feel guilty about beating ’em up or losing ’em.
    2) non-collectors love ’em (bright colors, and they don’t know or care about the difference between a ’40s QDL and a 70’s 6Y or 8Y). They make great gifts for people who may (or may not) actually ever use them.
    3) they’re actually just as fun to use as any other typewriter.

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