KH12 – The Behemoth

NOTE: This post is for an upcoming typewriter event.  More original words will be spilled soon.  ~TH~

Here we have the 1934 Royal KH12; decidedly a NON-portable machine.  This was a gift to me from a friend who rescued it from being thrown away.  It weighs a gazillion pounds.  It is in fine working order overall, but the platen is shot.

On October 23, I’m hoping to trade it for a portable, or selling it as a boat anchor.  Serial no. 1689628

Feel free to contact me about this machine – see you at the museum in West Virginia!!  ~Tom~  —  tomhitt [at]

20151018_145853 20151018_145904 20151018_145954 20151018_150235 20151018_150322

3 thoughts on “KH12 – The Behemoth

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