Living from the inside.

A reflective piece, I like the last two lines in particular. ~TH~

Aging Introvert

Yesterday I bought a small notebook in which I can make short entries for each day over a period of five years. I rarely keep up with anything that tracks my days but after reading about someone who does this consistently, I am more motivated. Given that I don’t do anything externally now that chronicles my life, (besides this blog) it would be good to make a few entries to monitor what is really important to me.

I rarely think about what I do within the space of an hour, yet it is the hours and minutes that make up the whole. Without high speed internet access, I watch fewer movies and television, and while I bought quite a few books when I first came here, I rarely read more than a few sections of each. I recently put all the books in a bottom drawer and am not buying…

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