Movie Review, “Grandma.”

Thoughts on the current film “Grandma”, from a respected blogger on the subjects of being a woman and aging.

Aging Introvert

Last night I saw the movie, Grandma, with Lily Tomlin. There was much to relate to. She was living alone, had no money, her partner had recently died, and she was estranged from everyone she had ever known. While still settled in a comfortable apartment, her life seemed adrift, disconnected and harrowing. When her granddaughter arrives to ask for money, she is sitting in a commencement gown in her living room looking through old photos.

The quest to find money for her granddaughter takes her into an odyssey of her past. She tries to connect with old friends and an ex-husband, but all of them spurn her. Socially, she had drifted off into the margins, and as a misanthropic pariah, took out her frustration on whoever crossed her path. While visiting an ex-husband she is finally forced into apologizing for what happened between them 40 years ago.

A woman…

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