Handwritten 1954 Baseball Diary

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You’ll likely notice that I only included games that the Indians won.  Except of course, for the World Series games.  The Giants swept them.  Ouch.

00-cover page


01-June 2 02-June 6

The early entries in the book just noted the runs and hits for the innings.  I guess Ed decided the Indians might do well in the 1954 season, notice how he meticulously lined the pages for each game.

03-June 12 The 1954 All Star game.04-July 13 - All Star

05-July 23 06-Aug 19 07-sept 12 dbl hdri like the commentary on these pages for the double header – Wow!!

08-sept 12 game 2 The Indians went into the world series with a killer Win/Loss record – they ultimately ended up with 111 wins, and only 43 losses.  More cool info on their 1954 season can be found here.09-sept 29 WS game 1 10-sept 30 WS game 2 11-oct 1 WS game 3 12-oct 2 WS game 4scan005620150920_11390720150920_11392520150920_114026My 1954 Underwood Ace.  Play ball!20150920_104607

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