Chrome – a – Chrome

I recently purchased a Chromebook.  It’s the 720 with the touch screen.  My teenage son eschews such things – mostly (I believe) because there’s no horsepower for video games.  It appeals to me now however, because, well- the bulk of what I’m donig with any given computer right now- is online.

It’s taking a little getting used to.  I feel like I should be downloading apps for it.  But primarily, no – it’s a browser.    It IS it’s own app.

Some people don’t like it because they feel that Google and Amazon are taking over everything.  To that I say — HUZZAH!  If Amazon and Google run as co-candidates for Prez-VeePee – I’m voting that way!  They certainly can’t fuck up the economy and the environment any worse than the current sitch.

So here I type-a-dee type on my UBERFAST chromebook.  Sending you this important information over the interbleg-iddy-blogs.   Info you need- RIGHT NOW!

So far – I love it.  It’s like a C3P0 in a compact.  It sleeps when it needs to, then pos up at a moments notice.  Ready to serve!  I predict that I will be smitten with it for quite some time.  It ain’t no typewriter of course, but hey!  Very few machines can be perfect.