Smith-Corona Electra SN-3LMA 136359

An interesting machine, I’m still trying to get an accurate date on it’s manufacture.  According to wikipedia, The SCM company opened it’s Singapore factory in 1973, so that’s the best I can do for the moment.  You can see more details at my typewriter database entry.  ~TH~

Smith-Corona Electra SN136359 main

full page descriptionSmith-Corona Electra -overheadSmith-Corona Electra -model plate

6 thoughts on “Smith-Corona Electra SN-3LMA 136359

  1. I have one like this, labeled Sterling Automatic 12. Those “two rubber handled grips on either side of the basket” are simply posts to support the free ends of the ribbon cover. Many other S-C body styles of this era have them. You’re not going to get an interchangeable type basket on a typewriter like this.

    As for the numeral One, there is one changeable key on this typewriter. If you look at the second-from-the-right typeslug, you’ll see that it’s an interchangeable Change-A-Type design and you can slip on a widely-available “! over 1” typeslug there. The mechanical design is a little different—this one has a tiny lever that you hold down to release the slug and then pull it up, while the more common Change-A-Type slugs just push on and pull off—but they do fit. If you look closely at the last key to the right in the second row from the top, you’ll see that you can pull off its top; slight problem there is that I have never seen a keytop that will fit this top to replace it with one matching the slug that you have changed. You’ll just have to remember what you have changed it to. Keytops that come with changeable slugs have one of two different designs.

    • Ah HA! I knew there were smart folks out there that would shed light on what I deemed a set of mysteries! Thanks so much for taking the time to clarify those points, you’re very kind. ~Tom~

      • Gosh, Thanks! I take it you found the changeable key… One detail I forgot to note—it’s unavoidable anyway—is that any “! over 1” key you find will not be slanted like script or italic so it will still look a little out of place…. Many companies that produced script typewriters provided a properly-designed script numeral “1”. Don’t know why S-C didn’t bother.

        In fact, that is sometimes a clue that a typewriter that you see a pic of has script—if that model doesn’t normally have a “1” but the one in the pic does, it might be script.

      • Again, thank you! I have examined the slugs pretty thoroughly, I do not see an interchangeable slug. I’ll venture a guess that the Automatic 12 was built in a factory other than the Singapore factory, and that might explain the non-changeable slug. Regardless, my wife gave me a perfectly usable workaround; use the uppercase “i” as the numeral one. The spacing is a bit wonky, but it looks better than the “l”! Thank you again for your input. ~Tom~

  2. That looks beautiful, though! a bright yellow typewriter with script type is just the kind of thing that appeals to me!

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