Ink Unbound

a spontaneous poem for you.

Ink Unbound

Royal Custom III_basket


So Words Become

So words become; the order of the day
and order of the day becomes
the soldiered meaning of all work and play,
the ever present, beating drums.

Then words become; the lure of the lie
and liars lure every son
with shadows of gold 'til they all but die,
to retire, to be, to be done.

And then, once again; the words become
the order of every day
to sleep, to awake, to be dead and done,
'til all words fly, ever away.

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ROYAL Futura 800

The Royal Futura 800 – obviously used a good bit.  Still in fine condition, albeit some paint spattering on the ribbon cover.

Great machine from the 1950's

Great machine from the 1950’s

I’m a sucker for the 50’s Royals that have the red keystone.  Press the button, and up flips the ribbon cover.

The RED button!

The RED button!

Purchased at a local antique shop.  I’ll be checking in with them from time to time, now that they’ve got MY number…



1954 Skyriter

Here I have a Smith-Corona Skyriter from 1954.1954 S-C Skyriter main pic

It’s not the sexiest typewriter from that era, but it functions well.  I have another that needs some draw band repair, happily this one is fully functional.

1954 S-C Skyriter typed page

1954 S-C Skyriter S-C badgeI’ll probably get around to replacing the ribbon when I organize my first type-in later this year.  Folks in Erie deserve to experience the wonder of typewriters too, they just may not know it yet.  ~TH~

1954 S-C Skyriter strikes 1954 S-C Skyriter paper table

The Poet Lives Long

The poet lives long but observes,

ill equipped for stating grace-

In gracelessness concedes her ignorance.

Of all that passes eyes unseen,

here the poet lives for these-

These graceful, awkward blunders manifest.

She takes with no thing given back,

eyes set down upon a world-

One never ceasing to amaze her now.

march 19, 2015    —-   ~TH~