My Life * A Series *

Engage, then disengage
This is my repeated policy,
enacted of it's own accord.

Engage, then disengage
You are important, we are no thing-
suddenly, no us.
Engage, then disengage
A salutary smile and then I'm gone-
and you are too.
Engage, then disengage
I'm selfish.  I'm greedy.
I want all of time to be mine.
* * *   * * *   * * *
This was written last summer during a period of 'office work'
outdoors. The fine weather of summer in Fairview PA often 
lures me out of the office, so I at least attempt to be 
productive, while actually wanting to roll in the grass and
look at the clouds. Don't worry, I'm still manly; I often do
pushups as well. Here is another missive written that same
day. ~TH~

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