First Look – Olympia SM8


Olympia SM8 natural setting

The Olympia SM8 in it’s natural habitat

Olympia SM8-first look




4 thoughts on “First Look – Olympia SM8

  1. I love the look of these. The closest I’ve come was an early SM9, but that had a wide carriage and an Elite typeface and was in not-so-good condition. I sold it on, but it was good enough to convince me I need to find a better example, like yours.

    • Yeah, this one was a roll of the dice- as is often the case with the vague descriptions you get from ebay sellers. I’m pleased this one just needs cleaned and lightly lubricated. This has cured me of my Olivetti obsession for the moment, I think I’ll hop into the Olympia pool for a while. ~TH~

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