Typewriter Collectors: My Take

click image for enlargement


postscript– Wow, the oil stain didn’t show up on the scan. ย Just a little faded ink. ย Never mind, move along, nothing to see hereโ€ฆ ย ~T~


10 thoughts on “Typewriter Collectors: My Take

  1. Yeah…
    I thought…
    I maybe reply…
    * my cat fell asleep across my keyboard…
    * so I cleaned the typeslugs of with my Underwood Universal…
    * Siri on my iPhone said: “wife – contact does not exist”…
    * and when I went to the kitchen to make some tea I tripped over a few rather big and unopened boxed delivered earlier by the postman…
    * that reminded me to annihilate a few competitors-collectors with a click of the mouse in one auction for a nice typewriter that has just ended…
    …and here I am. HUZZAH!

    • Ha ha! Yes, my son ribs me every time another “typewriter size” box arrives in the post. Sometimes the deliveries come when only I am home, allowing me to covertly integrate my new acquisition into the collection and taking the packaging out to the recycle bin immediately. I learned a helpful reply when I was collecting used guitars– When the wife says “Is that a new guitar?” — You say, no, that’s an OLD guitar”. Workes for typers too.

      Thanks for reading. I’m enjoying your blog as well. ~TH~

      • There’s always “It was a bargain! 1356% off! Honestly!”… But guess what – yes! She uses the same excuses when it comes to a dress, blouse or shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is just a part of the marital survival system. The obvious bonus of having no wife is that you don’t have to explain yourself. The downside – you really need to control yourself or your doomed ๐Ÿ™‚

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