Smith-Corona Silent (Floating Shift) 5s Series

Here we have the just delivered Silent with floating shift.


I purchased it from Ebay knowing it was in need of some repairs.  Some of the keys were sticky and slow.  Being the consciencous student that I am, I used a toothpick and a very small bit of goo gone in the crusty areas (no WD40!!) – boom – problem solved.


The largest repair to do is getting the carriage back on track properly.  The left/return lever side is unhinged.  I have 2 ball bearings that were rolling inside the case when it was delivered, they go to the carriage- but at the moment I have no idea what the best approach is.  I’m guessing I want to remove the entire carriage assembly, get it back into good working order, then reattach.


The typewriter database does not list a 5s series with a serial number this low (5s101829), so it’s a bit of a conundrum. Not the first lost but newly loved orphan I have in my collection.

Any other Silent partners out there with some useful info?  I’d love to hear from you!  ~TH~

9 thoughts on “Smith-Corona Silent (Floating Shift) 5s Series

    • Thanks! It was a risky purchase, but even though the repair is a little more daunting than I expected, the parts are quite clean and the exterior is in very good condition. Even the case is in really good shape- except that I’ll have to replace the latch and hinges. Thanks for reading! ~TH~

  1. Hi, I’ve just gotten a S-C Silent very similar to yours that also has an unusual serial number, the only real difference is that it has green keys instead of black ones.

    The serial number is 5S-143120, so I’m not entirely sure when mine was made, anybody who knows is welcome to leave a message for me.

    Don’t know a ton about typewriters, since this one is my first, but all the same my Silent was in excellent condition when I got it today, still has the original case and works like a dream, just got done giving it light cleaning and a drop of lubricating oil to put it back into regular service once again..

    Needs a new ribbon, but those are easy to get.

    Cheers Lads!

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