News From The Type-Front

Not normally a forum for personal news – but I thought I might share with my readers why my posts dried up over the past 7-10 days.  You can probably guess- yes, influenza.  However, my body couldn’t be satisfied with succumbing to a strain of intestinal virus that put me down  right up to Christmas day, oh no…

Just as I regained my fortress, my foolish inner-guardians welcomed a trojan horse in, promptly allowing a respiratory siege on my already beleaguered countenance.  Three solid days I lay, caring not of clock nor calendar, sustenance nor surroundings.  My inability to focus mind, married with my body’s inability to regulate a simple dressing appropriate for it’s ever changing sense of temperature, threw me into an inward mantra of beggary for slumber only.  Three days I battled as outside myself, shadows of normalcy came and went, taunting me.  Deep I went; could there be a third strain?  Shall I climb from this pit, only to be thrust down again, two days hence?

My predictive abilities are now waylaid, I will give them no mind.  Well again, I face a bleak January in NW PA, likely so in February as well.  Should you find yourself equally stricken, pay heed!  Formulate your plan and gather your own fortitude for healing only.  I have arisen from the ashes to tell you, slumber is often your only friend in battle, your only recourse.  Put your sundry, daily needs in order, place water by your bedside, and take thee your NyQuil.  That shit rocks!  It’s the thirteenth f*****g step.


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