and WHAM!

…and WHAM!

…and WHAM!

It really was just like you read it in the poems, a bolt; a shock.  One moment I was in a shop, minding my own bees-wax.  Next thing I know, some dizzy girl is asking me to break a twenty.  Good thing I had the change.  Good thing I was ready for a change.

She said thanks, went on her way.  I dropped my nose back into my book, lamenting the blown opportunity.  She returned and taking the seat across from me she whispered, “You knew I’d be back, right?”  She became the gypsy then, a tarot teller, turning my palm upward.  Her hand was warm and her smile was sincere.

The next four hours became a blur of sublime madness.  When you stare at a situation, trapping it, knowing if you look away it will disappear forever?  It was that.  No one knew.  No one cared.  We slipped through the streets, swimming in others’ indifference.

She reads my mind to this day.  She will enter the room, tickle my palm and smile.  ~TH~

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