Smith Corona Electra


Postscript:  This machine came in a vinyl “bowling ball” style bag with the Smith Corona logo on the outside.  I assume it is the original bag.  This machine is quite heavy compared to the daisy wheel electrics – more metal.  ~T~

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4 thoughts on “Smith Corona Electra

    • Hmmm…, well, I’ve never done it – but there are two spring-loaded levers that appear to be set with screws. I assume you would remove the set screws, release the spring levers and lift out the basket for replacement. I may be making this up, but I think I saw on a website that some typers had replaceable baskets. Stay tuned, more sophisticated minds may chime in. Thanks for reading! ~Tom~

    • I have found no good evidence that they are interchangeable at this point, I may have to recant that theory. I’m still digging into the purpose of those two levers. I have found photos of this specific machine online. but I’m having a devil of a time finding specific information about it. I’ll repost as I find out more. ~TH~

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