4 thoughts on “The Brother SX-4000

    • HA! Yes, in the jungle the SX-4000 puffs itself up to look more menacing to encroaching manual typewriters. The thing is actually very light. Even though it was sold as used, very little ribbon from the cartridge was exhausted, and the platen shows no wear at all. Speaking of wild things, you’re in Australia, right? How hard is it to ship a Wallaby? Thanks for reading… ~TH~

      • Brother daisy wheels are very light to carry around, and I love the built-in carry handle. I just found a GX-0750 at a Goodwill Store, I’m sure it was the original ink ribbon in it. They did leave a little data in the memory. The closest I came to a SX-4000 was my last purchase from ShopGoodwill.com. It was listed as a SX-4000, but from the photos I knew it was a WP-1400, which is what I wanted. As often happens, the Goodwill took all of the info from the box the item was in when it was donated, and the box belonged to the replacement. I wanted the WP-1400 for the 14 line display, the ability to do spreadsheets, and the 3.75″ disks for permanent memory. I have five Brother word processors (I started to say daisey wheels, but one is ink jet) in my collection. Always looking for something with a little more.

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