Can You See The Now?

In a day and age when we communicate instantaneously across the globe, when we glimpse into the very nature of our being, when we predict with stunning accuracy how events flow into the future, I begin to wonder if mankind really does have a sincere interest in proceeding.  Like good story telling we all need a mighty and formidable opponent.  It’s the fight that calls to us in these stories, raised hands that say “This is the last; no more!”  We look toward a victory where we can all celebrate.  But those are really just stories now.

Now we have the capacity to celebrate our victory without the fight.  We own enough knowledge to tell the world in no uncertain terms that the win has been achieved.  It didn’t arrive over a battlefield.  It didn’t arrive through politics.  It arrived when we all took part in seeing the world through the lens of empathy and tolerance.

The internet has opened every window in the glass house we all share.  Closing our eyes serves no purpose, and destroying the glass from within serves no purpose.  A claim of disbelief in the truth may serve a shortsighted goal, but that goal only serves a generation that may as well be dust.  Rain-shouters and self serving partisans are now the endangered species so cornered,  they fight more fiercely than ever.

We called upon the sciences of man to shed light inwardly and outwardly, that we might know ourselves.  That goal has been achieved.  It is now on our doorstep, handy as the morning paper.  A bold step on the part of every individual is now called for.  Ignorance is no longer a viable excuse for intolerance, hatred or violence.  It is time to lower our hands and recognize that past mistakes are passed.  The earth is our home.  Stop tracking shit through it.  ~TH~

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