The Busy Mind

I appear to have dropped the ball on my writing these past two days.  I say ‘appear’ because in reality, I have been working things through mentally, and I’ve been doing research, and I’ve been reading a lot more than I have in the past few months.  I’ve come to realize, all that stuff all eats up my time.  It’s important stuff.  I also cook and keep a (mostly) tidy kitchen for the family.  And I’m running errands.  And I’m rehearsing with the band.  And I’m prepping for a push in the recording studio for both the band and for my own songwriting.

So, I just gotta double down and pound out additional words today to make up for lost time.  AND- since I’m awake at 3AM and typing this out in the wee hours, I suspect that a spontaneous nap may occur later today as well.  Rest assured dear readers, more literary goodies coming your way soon.  ~TH~

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