What’s NOT Political?

So, I’m reading this cool article about the ever-widening chasm that separates the right from the wrong.  Of course you, like me, are on the right side, right?  Well… this begs the question- what’s not political?

“We think the Prius-driving vegan feminist must, ipso facto, vote Democratic, and she probably does. Yet I suspect the hyper-moralized mind-set of this person, or her gun-loving, SUV-driving Republican opposite, derives less from the depth of their political convictions than from the fragility of their self-constructed identities. They both police the boundaries of their respective identities with such moralizing ferocity because those identities lack depth and traditional supports—and  because they are so much the product of individual will.”

Wow.  Was I just called a moron?  Nope.  I was called out because I tend to come at each battle with an entrenched ideal that’s based solely on past experience.  In these days of immediate dialog it won’t take me long to round up a fair sized posse of like-minded folks to engage the enemy.  But really… really?  Are “they” the enemy?  Does it always have to start as a fight?

To me, politics is ultimately about getting what you need and/or want.  I would find it appalling to witness a starving man’s hand cut off because he was caught stealing food for his family.  In today’s world we can recognize the fact that such a crime is a symptom of a much larger problem… right?

I have no answers (as usual); I’m not well versed in the sciences politico – but I will say this: by simple observation, it can be expected that homo sapiens will continue to be a squishy, fragile biological for the foreseeable future.  To that end, it might be best if we learn again that wonderful concept of compromise, to perpetuate the great experiment of knowledge gained that comes from walking in our enemy’s shoes for a spell.  ~TH~


I don’t remember her face or why I was there
I just remember feeling angry
Something made me hate her, I had to suffocate her
My common sense spoke of no consequence

But I want to live
I want to live in your world

I am evil, I am brutal -So you say you must be rid of me

It frightens you to look at me

‘Cause when you do what you see
Is a reflection of yourself and your society
But I want to live, I want to live
In your world
For the man who steals a piece of bread for his children
Shall we cut off his hands?
Yeah… That’ll show him
For the man who speaks his mind to the sentry
Shall we cut out his tongue?
Yeah… That’ll teach him
I want to live, I want to live
In your world
This isn’t justice – This is revenge
It doesn’t work – It doesn’t end
What of the man – convicted innocent?

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