The Place To Piss And Moan About… Fonts And Colors

The polite “me”; the one who was taught to say something nice, or don’t say anything at all; the one that learned early on never to ask a woman’s age?  *sigh*  …   I guess that guy has to go – kicked to the curb like the aging bum I am.

Now that I have several blogs, follow blogs, and hell, even know what a blog is requires me to get down into the dirt.  I’ve been given permission by the online community to create a place to piss and moan about things that I want to moan about and be pissed about – and that place is my blog!  You’re reading it right now, BTW…

You youngsters sure have it made, consarn it!  Back in MY day, we had to read courier, black ink on white paper – every day, every medium!  Sans Serif??  What kind o’ muckity muck is that?

Nowadays I pick up a magazine, and I can’t even read the print.  Hell-o!  Isn’t the PRINT the part that’s important?  The content?  “Hey!  I’ve got a great design idea”, I can hear the graphics department say in unison-  “Let’s shrink this unreadable font to 8pt, change the text color to light blue, and drop it onto a blue background!  Wow, just look at that, doesn’t that just POP?”   Grrrrrr…

This happens with some seriously interesting articles, not just the ones focused on how to match my nail color with my eyebrow shade.  WTF??  I find myself abandoning some seriously interesting content simply because I grow weary of shaking my head like Robert DeNiro in Awakenings, attempting to get just the right combination of light, chin position and page angle to suss out one more word, the word that moves me ever closer to the point where the black-on-white text kicks in.  WTF??  Oh well, maybe this article really isn’t that interesting after all… abandon ship.

It’s embarrassing.  I end up reading Highlights at the dentist waiting room.  And don’t even think about telling me to start reading the large print Reader’s Digest, that’ll just get you a whack from my cane.  You hooligans, bring back my legible content!  ~TH~

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