Time To Stop Worrying Over Time

Trapped in the day.  That’s how I tend to see most people now.  Breakfast.  Work.  Play.  Sleep.

So much of the detail in living is dealing with your own relationship with time and how you define it.  When I taught classroom music in the public school system I would float the concept of time to my students.  Rhythm in music is a timing concept that remains within the control of the musician (or the conductor).  I would attempt to make them aware of the fact that the clock is a measuring device, a short term calendar if you will.  Most of them really struggled with the concept.

Now that I’ve “retired” from “work”, my own perspectives about time have shifted again.  Yes, I do still attempt to conform to the natural paces that this cute little global construct provide.  I’m all about the light and the dark.  The difference now is, if I wake up in the middle of the night and feel like writing for an hour, I do.  My own moments have become more controllable, less attached to future results.  When asked what I’ve been doing lately, I tend to tell people that I’m “Jumping from one lilly pad to the next”.  Often I get a confused look in return, just like the look I used to get from my students when I told them that the clock on the wall has absolutely nothing to do with time; that time, in fact, doesn’t exist.

Then the bell would ring, and they would be released from the clutches of the crazy music teacher.  ~TH~


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