Bare, Naked Feet! I’m Agog!

footprintYes, that sensual, earthy feeling.  I’m always surprised more folks aren’t drawn to the barefoot way of life.  I learned this way of walking at an early age.  When the family would vacation at Virginia Beach we all went barefoot- it was perfectly natural.   When it came time to load up the car and re-shod ourselves though, I found it very difficult.  Socks and shoes became anathema. When I wore shoes, I was aware of them, always.  When my feet were free, I was free.  I loved the changing weather under my feet; dewey grass, squishy mud, deep pile carpet, cool linoleum.  The cool/warm/cool undulation as I walked in the surf.

I have vivid recollections of sole-ful sensations.  Standing on the grated ductwork of my grandmother’s house, feeling the steel fins press into my feet.  The cooling sand on the entry dune, returning to the beach I had run on all day, now giving up it’s heat as the sun fell to slumber. The warm embrace of my fuzzy winter slippers as I finally relent, allowing something to cover my paws, muting my tactile soles but thawing the numbness from above.

I recognize my kindred spirits.  I see them wearing flip-flops in forty degree weather (like me).  I watch as they yank off their footwear at the first sign of safety (like me).  I know you’re out there.  I’m with you.  I’m typing sans footwear.  It just feels natural to me.  Why buck the system?  Especially when the system is nature.  ~TH~

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